Encrypting your data doesn't need to be hard.

Requires macOS 10.9 or later

Deprecation warning: This project is no longer actively maintained

Manage Your Encryption Stuff

SimpleCrypt is the place to go if you want to encrypt your data. Whether you want encrypted Disk Images or to manage your encrypted Disks.

Want More Convenience?

If you want fast access to your encrypted data, you can save them as favorites. You can even use groups to easily switch between environments. You can also enable the option to access your recently used volumes.

How Disk Images Work

With SimpleCrypt you can create encrypted Disk Image files. These contain a virtual disk. After you mount the virtual disk with your password you can access all the data, similar to having a physical USB Stick mounted. When the virtual disk is unmounted again your data is completely encrypted and no longer accessible.

The Story

We (Michael & Lara) as interaction design students were given the task to redesign an application. We chose TrueCrypt because we saw the potential to make encryption more accessible for everyone. To achieve this goal, we went one step further than redesigning, which is why you can now download this tool here. After the "TrueCrypt incident", during the project, we switched to the built-in encryption tools of macOS.


Because there is no perfect software on this planet we're not able to promise 100% security. We're using the tools Apple provides in macOS to the best of our knowledge. Have a look at the source code (coming soon) to see that we're not doing anything inappropriate with your data.